April 18, 2024

3 Reasons Why Democracy is Suitable for any Country

3 Reasons Why Democracy is Suitable for any Country


System of groups, individuals who organize communities, and governments, have all existed for many years. Throughout history, you’ve seen different approaches and systems for running civilizations. Today, the method of rule, which many countries live under and appreciate, is democracy. Basically, democracy is a government system, which citizens determine policies through approval voting, elected representatives, or a combination of these two.

Moreover, in democratic elections, voters should have the capacity to replace leaders and political parties. This is a new era where democracy is the king, and citizens have many reasons to be happy. Whether you are a political leader or just an ordinary citizen, you have the right to fight for democracy in your country for the following reasons:

1. Favors Young People

For young individuals, democracy may seem like a good yet frustrating system. It may offer you a voice and an opportunity for social action. Though you might not be able to vote directly in referendums and elections until you are at the right age.

In countries such as Wales, the US, England, you need to be 18 years and above to vote. However, in a democracy, even if you are not 18 years, your voice can still be heard. In the United Kingdom, the British Youth Council organization encourages young individuals to take part in all the matters, which affect them. This helps people under 25 years make a difference in their national and local democracies and communities.

2. Transparency 

Democracy has a constitution that lays the guidelines for conducting the government’s projects. Unlike the realm’s era, the laws in a democracy cannot be passed without people’s consent. All the laws passed should conform to the constitution’s guidelines, and if they don’t meet the necessary requirements, they can be repealed or challenged in the courtroom.

Before the laws are passed, a formal session occurs in the parliament, where the elected representatives put the aspects of the constitution into consideration. This session prevents unjust laws from being passed and ensures complete transparency.

3. Enhance Equality 

Practicing democracy is an important step for achieving equality for the oppressed people by giving them the capability to vote for people they strongly believe in. With the right to vote, marginalized people are more likely to support political leaders who will work hard to get rid of oppressive policies, which are prevalent globally.

Every democracy does not discriminate against people based on caste, race, or gender. Instead, it presupposes relationships of political equality when citizens share authority. Everyone’s vote matters in democracy, and every citizen has equal rights to represent their representatives. Hence, democracy in the government will ensure equal social, economic, and political rights to all the citizens.

The Bottom Line!

Democracy is far from being perfect, though for running the government, it has a built-in mechanism for promoting participation and fairness. Democracy is a good equalizer, and it does not favor rich people over the poor. In a democracy, everyone has a say, and it’s advocated to voice the opinions of people, including the oppressed. Thus, countries can practice democracy and make the world a better place.

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