July 22, 2024
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Horse Riding Arena

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Horse Riding Arena

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Horse Riding Arena

All owners of horse riding arenas know that the arena helps to sell horse owners on stabling their mounts with them. In addition, lessons, groups classes and even horse shows and other special mounted events utilize the arena space for these essential activities. Because of all this use, you will want to ensure that your riding ring’s surface creates excellent footing for the equestrian events held there. Three tips will aid in pursuing a safe and comfortable riding surface for your horses and riders.

Keep the Surface Smooth

The riding ring surface requires smoothing so the horses do not stumble and trip as they work around the space. Divots and worn spots can occur, especially if you train your horses in particular patterns and routines, such as riding over an established set of show jumps or training around the ring’s outer edges next to the fencing. Stable managers use surface smoothing implements, such as rakes and harrows attached behind garden tractors or other pulling vehicles to rake the surface of the ring smooth.

Replace Worn Surface Materials

As horses move around the arena space, the surface becomes tramped down under the mounts’ considerable weight. As a result, repeated activity can cause wear to the riding arena surface. At this stage, you will need to replace worn surface materials. If considerable time has passed since you last did this, you can replace the entire ring surface; otherwise, you can top off worn areas with your preferred surface materials. Before you begin this routine task, you can use mobile pole caddies to remove show jump pieces and other poles quickly and easily, leaving the arena open and ready for surface grooming.

Remove Trash and Debris

Common sense necessitates removing any trash or debris from the arena surface. By making it a habit of checking the arena daily before activities start, you will ensure that the arena space will provide a sure footing for the horses and riders.

Riding enthusiasts who board their horses at your stable will appreciate your attention on providing a safe and smooth arena surface.

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