May 29, 2024

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While you can undoubtedly DIY your way through painting your home, if you are feeling lazy or don’t have the time, energy and patience to paint your home, then there is always the hassle-free option of hiring professional help. Anadvantage of hiring a paint contractor is that you can sit back and relax knowing that the final output will be brilliant because professional painters have spent years mastering their craft and it is highly unlikely that you can match their painting skills.

So, if you have already decided to seek professional help to do up your space, kudos to you. What next? How do you choose a painting contractor? Read along to find a complete guide on how to hire a painting contractor that will help you achieve the house of your dreams.

Who is a painting contractor? 

A painting contractor is someone who works for a general contractor or is hired directly by the homeowner. Typically, a painting contractor works soloor he has a small group of professional painters for home working for him.

What do painting contractors do? 

A painting contractor ideally does everything from suggesting you a colour palette, repairing structural damages, prepping the rooms, moving furniture, buying the paint supplies, priming the walls to painting, doing the final touch-ups and cleaning up the mess after the job is done.

How to hire the best painting contractor? 

Now, that you know what a painting contractor does, here are 5 handy tips on how to hire the perfect painting contractor for your home.

Ask around 

Before you hit the internet, look around in your neighbourhood because most of the time painters for home put up their boards outside the house that they are currently painting. If you love the colour of the home down your road, then don’t hesitate to knock on their door and ask for their contractor’s details.

Search online

Enter your pin code and search for the best painting contractors in your locality. Read their reviews, testimonials and contact them and ask for pictures of their work. Narrow down at least 3 painting contractors whom you can interview. Make sure that the painting contractors that you finalise have a license and valid insurance. This will ensure that in case there is an accidental fire or a painter falls from the ladder, you don’t have to worry as the contractor will take care of the situation.

Interview them

Once you have narrowed down the contractors, call them up and ask them when they can come for a site visit. After the contractor inspects your property, ask them how much it will cost, which paint brand he will use, repair cost, how much time it will take for him to finish the project and does he want you to vacate the house. Since contractors don’t charge you for drawing a proposal, at least have a handful of options to choose from.

Get a written contract 

Make sure that once you choose a contractor you ask him to give you a detailed proposal in writing. Tell him to include every minute detail from the number of painters for the home, their work hours to the exact paint shade he will be using, insurance coverage and taxes.

Don’t pay the entire amount 

A rookie mistake you can commit while hiring a painting contractor is to pay the entire amount upfront before the job is done. It is recommended that you only pay about 75% of the total amount and pay the rest 25% after you inspect the house and are satisfied with the work done.This will keep your contractor on his toes and you won’t have to worry about him disappearing anytime soon.

Painting your home is a big financial investment. Hence, it is okay to not rush into it and take your time to understand your expectations and to hire a paint contractor who is reliable and matches your vibe.

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