June 19, 2024

4 Ways Online Students Can Create a Distraction-Free Zone


Sitting in front of the computer with the internet at your disposal, while being limited to only one application for the purpose of learning is very difficult. Being cooped up in a room for long hours can be demotivating, leaving one feeling completely unwilling and dull. However, attending the lecture is crucial regardless of everything else. Taking steps to create a learning environment that tunnels your concentration just for those few hours is crucial and here are a few steps for it:

Remove the extra devices around you

Keeping all gadgets away that might hinder the process of online tuitions in India is of utmost importance. Keeping them on silent or on airplane mode helps too. Stipulate a time for your study and ensure you don’t indulge in these devices before the stipulated time ends. Apps like Forest are good ways to keep yourself off your phone and help during study sessions as well. The work involved in accessing the distraction will put you off long enough to make it through the class.

Close the extra tabs on your device

With the extra gadgets kept out of reach, we now have the problem right in front of us, which we can not just leave in another room. The class is important but the extra applications running are equally tempting. Games, music, streaming sites, e-books- the internet is practically calling out to you. However, if you snoop through the internet you will find several apps and sitesfor smooth ib online tuitions that ensure these distractions are out of your reach on your computer . Some gadgets even have this built-in feature that ensures that you remain on a single app throughout your class, or at least any sites and apps that are potentially distracting are cut off.

Keep study requirements close to you

Before your class begins, take out a few minutes to ensure you have everything you need around you. All the notebooks, textbooks, files, and stationery required should be right in front of you. This ensures that you do not have to keep getting up to grab the basic requirements for your class, saving you from getting distracted. Regularly getting up may lead you to find something/someone around the house that seems much more interesting hence putting you at risk of losing your focus again.

Set the mood for  some serious studying

You possibly may not be in the right mood for studying most of the time, especially in a noisy household or due to distractions of your own, but if you try, maybe you will find a middle ground. That middle ground is likely to include a well-lit room, comfortable chair and a pair of earphones to lock out external noises. Constant discomfort or dim lighting can hinder your learning flow, leading you to lose focus. You could lock your door, put distractions aside and focus completely. Finding an alternate environment like a local library could also be of help to ensure productivity.

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