July 22, 2024

9 Rose Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend


Valentine week kicks off on 7th February, celebrated as Rose Day. The first day in Valentine’s week, signifying the start of companionship and love. As the name suggests, Rose is exchanged between lovers because it is the most beautiful and universal symbol of love.

If you are looking for more rose day gift ideas for your girlfriend in addition to Roses, this writing will help you.

  1. Rose Arrangements: A single stemmed rose is great. But, a whole bunch of roses is something breathtaking. This Rose Day, express love to your girlfriend over scintillating Rose flower arrangements. Rose flowers with baby breath in a vase, Roses with a teddy bear, Roses with Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk, Kitkat chocolates, and many more appealing arrangements. You can avail rose day flower delivery from a reputable online florist delivering in your city.
  2. Preserved Roses: If you are looking for more long-lasting rose flowers, Preserved roses should be your choice. These are cultivated in pretty hues like Fuschia pink, sunshine yellow, ivory white, rainbow colour, and many more. What makes them even more attractive to give it to your girlfriend is the casing in which they are placed. They come in transparent acrylic cases or wooden cases.
  3. Rose Succulent and Plants: If she loves plants more than flowers; you have to steal her heart that way. Say my life would such without you over a potted rose succulent. Succulents are majestic and forgiving in nature. A rose plant can also be gifted to her. Bushy and flowering roses would be much appreciated. If the plant comes with care tips that would be best as it will keep love blossoming.
  4. Cake: Make her experience your sweet lover over a delicious gift of a cake. Cakes are best for celebrating love on Rose day because of the moist taste. To complement the occasion well; go with a cake decorated with butter cream roses. Butter cream roses on a cake not only look pretty to see but absolutely finger-licking. You can avail a personalised poster cake that reads “Happy Rose Day” followed by your girlfriend’s name.
  5. Cushions: Cuddly, squishy cushions for your girlfriend because she loves cute stuff. An LED Happy Rose Day Cushion or Wish you a very happy Rose Day cushion will work the magic. Cushions can be personalised, so do it with her picture or name.
  6. Combos: Combo gifts are perfect for giving on Rose Day because you can couple all the lovely tokens and give. Because it’s a Rose day; do not forget to add a Rose flower bouquet, bunch or plant in the combo. Along with it, you can give a bar of chocolate, cake, greeting card, etc.
  7. A Room Full of Flowers: Walking into a room full of flowers is beyond imagination. Leave her awestruck with your gesture by availing this service from an online florist. In a room full of flowers service, Rose arrangements are placed all over the room, and some of the designs are created with rose petals.
  8. Makeup: Make her blush like a rose by gifting makeup products on Rose Day. You can select products as per her skin type and preference. Lipsticks, blush, eye-shadow palette, nail paint, perfume can be arranged in a basket or box and then gifted.
  9. Greeting card: Write down your feelings on a greeting card and let it echo in her ears forever. Greeting cards are keepsake gifts worth gifting and cherishing. Choose 3d cards, pop-up cards, and handmade cards for uniqueness.

Rose Day is fast approaching. Now, when you have a comprehensive gift list, why not choose the best for her and start shopping?

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