April 18, 2024

Cheapest set-top boxes in India and their features – Latest News Portal and World Wide News

Gone are the days when the TVs worked on the analog broadcast information pieces. Since the communication technology has developed a lot, TVs are now configured to receive the digital transmitted signals from the satellites or the main broadcasting station on earth directly. However, for feeding these digital information pieces to the TV, you will need an STB or a set-top box.

Different companies have introduced set-top boxes in India to view the broadcasts without facing any problems easily. If you want to upgrade your TV set up, you will need this STB box, and that’s why you need to focus on our upcoming discussions.

This article will focus on the best set-top boxes available in India that you can get. Since these companies have tied up with Airtel, you have many Airtel dthrecharge plans, and hence there will be no need to hesitate due to lack of recharging options.

Tata Sky

Tata sky is one of the best STB providers present in India. This company will offer you both the SD and the HD boxes at INR 1499, which is indeed affordable since it’s the standard market price. However, the main difference between the SD and HD STBs can be seen in the Tata Sky recharge packages, and obviously, the HD packages are costlier compared to the SD ones. Following are the popular packages you can avail from Tata Sky:

  • Hindi family kids pack, 92 channels: INR 216
  • Bengali Hindi family kids pack, 88 channels: INR 216
  • Hindi Lite HD pack, 68 channels: INR 290
  • Family sports HD, 53 channels: INR 441


Another amazing STB comes from Airtel itself. Here, you will get the SD box at INR 1100, while the HD set-top box comes at INR 1300. The main difference between the HD and the SD boxes is mainly in the picture and sound quality. However, it will completely be your decision to choose since the packs of HD boxes are highly-priced. Following are some of the popular packs which you can get from this operator:

  • AP value Lite SD pack, 74 channels: INR 299
  • AP value sports SD pack, 104 channels: INR 395
  • AP my family HD pack, 133 channels: INR 584

You can also get packs for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months and recharge them accordingly with the airtel DTH recharge plans.


For D2H, the SD box comes at INR 1499, with a free one-month subscription for 60 different SD channels. As for the HD box, it will come at INR 1599. But for the HD, you will have to recharge the box for viewing more channels. Following are some of the best Videocon D2H recharge packs you can avail of:

  • All in one English combo, 37 SD channels: INR 146
  • Celebration HD combo, 36 channels: INR 206
  • Diamond Bengali SD combo, 78 channels: INR 189


Here, we have discussed the cheapest DTH packs you can avail of in India for continuing the TV broadcast without any interruptions. So, choose which provider you want and then select the packs accordingly.

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