May 29, 2024

How to obtain high marks in 8th examination?


Mathematics is one of the most crucial subjects in the 8th standard. It is also one of the most feared subjects, in the 8th standard, especially by girls. This is a very common topic among students of both C.B.S.E and UP state board. Now, since Maths is such a feared subject, the question is how to obtain high marks in 8th examination? There is no fixed rule in solving this affliction. One of the first steps is to read the 8th class Maths book. Do the class 8th math book download and then start reading it

 What are the main steps in securing high marks in 8th standard Mathematics examination?

 Unlike popular perception, Mathematics, especially for 8th class students, is one of the easiest subjects to score. To begin with, read the 8th class maths book in hindi and start solving it. The textbook, even in Hindi is quite simple to understand, with hundreds of examples and presentations. The book is divided into three sections like Algebra, Arithmetic and Trigonometry. For Algebra, it is best to read the theory and then start solving the questions, based on examples. For, those who wish to obtain a high level of proficiency in Algebra is by studying the book of Hall and Knight. The same procedure can be adopted for doing well in Arithmetic. For Trigonometry, you must study the subject thoroughly and solve all the questions. You can refer SL Loney for acquiring more knowledge in Trigonometry. 

 Once, you have finished solving the 8th Maths book, you should solve the previous year’s papers for the last ten years. This will give you a very good idea about the weightage, which is given to the various sections. For example, the Algebra section in the 8th Mathematics paper is given a very high weightage, in the examination. So, you must practice a lot of questions on that topic and try to solve as many questions on the topic. Also, since 30 marks of the total of 100 are based on objective pattern, so you should practice solving the objective part carefully since you need to devote time for the remaining subjective part.  

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