June 19, 2024

Reddy Kancharla – The Reasons of Structural Failures in Construction Projects

The Reasons of Structural Failures in Construction Projects


In any construction project, a structural failure is a harsh and bitter reality. In most cases, when the structure fails, its consequences are serious and, in rare cases, tragic. A number of reasons can cause these failures, and civil engineers need to identify signs during the construction phase. In case these signs are overlooked, and the project progresses, there is a change of immediate danger ahead in the form of a structure collapsing and tragically injuring or even killing people.

Reddy Kancharla- Why do buildings collapse?

Reddy Kancharla is a widely respected name in the field of geotechnical engineering in New York in the USA. He holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and has been a successful professional in the field for 25 years. He has a decade of rich experience in senior management posts and has lent his skills and talents to several complex construction projects in New York and New Jersey.

He says that there are several causes as to why buildings or structures collapse. The most common reasons are due to the absence of stability, insufficient rods being used for constructing the columns, and the defective construction of salient aspects of the building like walls and beams. They contribute to the collapse of the structure.

He adds that building collapses can be prevented when engineers adhere completely to the construction requirements to offer stability to the structure by connecting all its parts to the key structure.

Collapse of footbridges

If you examine footbridges, he says they are made of trusses and cross girders. They also have RCC slabs that can fall apart, especially when the footbridge needs to support heavier loads. The lack of stability is often due to faulty welding, which will lead to a major failure in the structure. Here, he says, engineers must ensure a structural steel fabrication is done properly to ensure the footbridge is safe and reliable.

The collapse of residential buildings

One of the most dangerous and tragic instances in the construction and building industry is the collapse of residences. There are many occurrences where residential buildings are constructed on foundations on the unsteady and unstable ground. This leads to structural collapse. In order to prevent structural failure, contractors and engineers need to invest in a lot of research and time while they plan the project.

The need for structural maintenance and repairs

When it comes to the subject of structural maintenance and repairs, they are vital but complex aspects of a construction project. In fact, many engineers spend several years just studying the subject.

According to Reddy Kancharla the process of structural maintenance and repair is generally based on the evaluation of the property by experienced professionals. Once it needs to be repaired, it should be done immediately to safely visit the individuals that visit the site. The design and construction plan needs to be crafted as per data inputs like the use of the structure, its load, the materials that need to be used along with the feasibility and the forms of repair work that should be embraced for the task.

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