June 19, 2024

Tips for preparing for SSC cgl examination.

Tips for preparing for SSC cgl examination.


SSC CGL examination is one of the most important examinations, which is around the corner. It enables simple graduates to get coveted jobs in government service. Government jobs are extremely coveted, due to high pay, low working hours and other perks and benefits such as job security, health and education facilities. After doing ssc cgl tier 2 question paper download, then you must be having a fair idea of what kind of questions are being asked. So, let us see the tips for preparing for SSC cgl examination. 

1)  List down all the mandatory and important concepts. 

The first step is to list down all the mandatory and important concepts, for quick revision and reference. In this way, you will be able to revise the topics and subtopics and various concepts very easily. Also, just by looking at this list, you will be able to remember the previous fundas.

 2) Your doubts are cleared. 

All your doubts should be cleared as soon as possible, by the teacher. If you hesitate, then the doubts will come accumulating and you will lose confidence.

 3) Always refer to books from good authors. 

Always read good books, which have excellent examples and questions. This will further help you to get a solid grounding in the subject.

4) Previous years question papers. 

This is one of the most definite ways, in which you can perform brilliantly in the SSC examination. Do purchase ssc cgl tier 2 question paper with solution, from well-reputed publishers like McGraw Hill & MBD. This will give you a very good idea in actual time management and how to prepare for the real-time examination, like which section to give weightage to. You will also get a fair knowledge about the marks allotment and the amount of time, besides the objective and the subjective part. 

5)  Keep up a fixed schedule

Another way, by which you can prepare for the SSC cgl examination, is by making a strict schedule. Divide your whole day into various modules like 2 hrs for Mathematics, 2 hrs for Reasoning etc. If you feel you are weak in a certain topic like History, then make sure you devote 4 hours to it, instead of the regular 2 hours. Also, do check the topics as per the weightage in the real-time examination.  Don’t forget to check website for more information.

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