July 22, 2024

Types of Fabrics Used For Bed Sheet and Bedding – Latest News Portal and World Wide News

You must not hurry while choosing fabrics for your bedding. The fabric quality has a huge impact on your comfort level and house decoration. Besides that, there are a few other things that have to be taken into consideration. Various types of fabrics are used for making bed sheets like silk, cotton, linen, satin, bamboo, etc. Each type of fabric has different properties and a feel. While some are durable and economical, others are expensive and luxurious. Choosing the right type of fabric among all these options can be difficult if you do not have adequate knowledge about them. Mentioned below is a complete overview of various types of fabrics that can be used for bed sheets:


There is no doubt about the fact that cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used across the world for bedding. It is preferred owing to numerous benefits available. To begin with, cotton is a very soft yet durable material. Since it is breathable, it is considered ideal for summers. Also, you do not have to worry about maintenance, making it a cost-efficient option. However, cotton is divided into various categories as mentioned below:

Egyptian cotton: Add more luxury to your life with premium Egyptian cotton. This fabric is one of the most expensive bedding options available in the market. Egyptian cotton is coveted for its super-softness and high-quality features. As the name suggests, it is grown in North Africa where the climate is warm and dry. Its extra-long fibers give it a soft and smooth feel.

Pima cotton: If you want a fabric that is soft and has a natural feel, Pima cotton is ideal. The raw material is mostly grown in the southwest of the U.S. and some other countries. It has medium to extra-long fibers that make it a preferred choice.

Upland cotton: Unlike the other types of cotton mentioned above, it does not have extra-long fibers and hence, is not a very soft material. Earlier, it was mostly grown and used by the Americans. However, it is now one of the most commonly used options.

Supima®: Fibers and materials that are made using 100% American Pima cotton carry this trademark.

MicroCotton®: Materials and fibers made from an extremely fine cotton thread that is developed in India carry this trademark. This has a very soft feel and is highly absorbent because it has long-staple cotton fibers.

Flannel: Flannel is more useful to tackle winters. This cotton type is arranged by fluffing up the fibers so that it feels soft and can trap body heat. It helps to ensure that the person feels comfortable when it is cold outside. However, it is measured in grams per square meter, or GSM and not thread count.


Silk is one of the most luxurious options available for bedding. This fabric is produced by silkworms and has a very silky, soft, and cosy feel. People looking for a luxurious bedroom decor idea should always opt for silk. Also, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, i.e., slightly allergic. The only issues with silk are that it is an expensive and delicate material that requires a lot of care. You can enhance your house decoration’s appeal using silk bedding.


Opting for manmade options like polyester is a great option as well. It is manufactured using polymers that are used for making plastic drink bottles. However, polyester does not have a soft feel and is stiff. Hence, other threads such as cotton are mixed with it. Unlike other materials, polyester is not so breathable as well. These are some of the main reasons why it is an inexpensive material. However, polyester sheets are resistant to stains and extremely durable. Hence, they are perfect for your kids’ bedroom decor ideas.


When cotton is blended with other types of materials, it is called a blend. A cotton and polyester blend is one of the most commonly used blends. However, you will find other blends as well like cotton and rayon, cotton and bamboo, etc. People prefer blended fabrics because they prove to be more durable, inexpensive, and wrinkle-resistant than other alternatives. Hence, it is the perfect option for your children’s bedroom decor ideas.

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