May 29, 2024

UEFA Euro 2020 Predictions: Who Will Win The European Championships?

One of the most anticipated events of football fans worldwide is the European Championship. Still, sports fans are left at bay regarding their sports and betting inspirations because of EURO 2020’s postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But, as summer 2021 approached fast, Euro Championship 2020 was announced to take on June 11 to July 11, 2021, with each match to stage at 11 different cities across Europe, while the semis and the final games will occur Wembley. Also, the definitive list of participating groups is already finalized, thus making football fans more excited to watch the matches and place bets via Singapore’s online sportsbook on teams and people they’re rooting to win.

Out of the 24 participating groups, the list of predicted teams will most likely win the championship on July 11.


In football, Belgium’s Red Devils have been the most talented national team and backup player since 2014. But in 2018, after being edged out by France in the semi-finals, the team fell short of the FIFA World Cup.


England Lions proved themselves worthy of winning when they surpassed people’s expectations during the 2018 FIFA World Cup and made it to the semi-finals; they even finished third in the 2019 Nations League! This football team is a group to watch out for as the group prepares and improves their game.


Les Bleus is currently the team with the most balanced players having KylianMbappe and Antoine Griezmann for the attack, P. Pogba and N’Golo Kante in the middle field, L. Hernandez and S. Umtiti at defense, and H. Loris guarding the goal—a powerhouse lineup indeed.

Learn more about the list of winning team predictions for UEFA Euro 2020 through this infographic of 88Probett.


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