June 19, 2024

Add a Boho Vibe to Your Home with these Paintings


Are you a fan of bohemian home style? Do you want your home to have a boho look and feel? If yes, this post is just written for you. Here, we have given some décor ideas to add a boho vibe to your sweet home.

Boho theme of décor for homes is one of the people’s favorite because it is so rich in textures and colors. It is highly soothing to the eyes. Additionally, there is so much scope to experiment with elements for a perfect interior style. There are some particular painting styles that will take just a few moments to bring that bohemian appeal to your home. So, you must give a thought to buy paintings online for desired boho effect in the rooms!

Abstract Painting

Bohemian interior style lets you check your creative mindset by allowing you experiment with distinct colors and combinations. This is the reason abstract paintings are true boho paintings. The mix of radical patterns, shades, and textures give an unconventional appeal to your home. They are indeed boho-chic pieces of décor, which are not understandable by all individuals- only people with artistic mind can find a meaning in their representations.

Whether you wish to have a minimal abstract painting or a bold artwork in your home, you have so countless options and varieties when it comes to buy abstract paintings.

To give a statement yet boho appeal to your home, follow a styling tip from expert interior decorators. They say go bold over basic/neutral and vice-versa. For instance, if your walls are light in color, hang a bold-shaded abstract painting for an instant impact. This way you don’t need to add other décor items on the walls such as decorative watch, or props etc.  The color combination of painting will do the entire job.

Floral Painting

Floral painting is one more fabulous boho décor item that can be chosen to add a boho vibe to any residence. There is an astounding range of floral paintings online as well as offline. Be it floral watercolor painting or an acrylic floral artwork, every piece is unique in its own way. To bring an added boho-chic appeal to floral paintings, it is suggested to get them boxed in a vintage photo frame. You can create a floral art corner inside your living room or bedroom for an artistic effect.

Now, it is time for a wall décor tip- for light walls, buy floral paintings in multiple colors or bold shades. For textured walls, buy a painting that shows only one flower. If you have some other idea on the mind for wall styling, you can definitely try and experiment until a desired boho effect is achieved.

Landscape Painting

Other than abstract & floral works of art, you can also buy landscape paintings for a boho interior look. These paintings are one of the most liked styles of art that instantly add a unique effect to any space. Available in multiple varieties, styles, and budgets, it is suitable for all. You can choose from green landscape paintings, mountainous landscape, water body scenes, and many more.

Other than giving your home a boho appeal, the landscape paintings also show how much you love your environment and want to stay connected to it no matter what. Again, you can get it framed in a rustic frame for a vintage and bohemian appearance.


 Now that we have given you the best suggestions for bohemian paintings, you can begin with interior decoration ASAP. Explore & experiment with colors and designs to give the superior boho look and vibe to the space. Make sure each décor element speaks for your style and personality.

You can buy paintings online from boho category at dedicated art-selling or e-commerce websites. They are available in all price ranges so you can pick one under your budget and create a dream interior look effortlessly!

Which style of boho painting in this listicle impressed you the most? Share in the comments bar below!

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