May 19, 2024

How To Pick The Best Beard Type For Your Face


A beard is the best way to look more masculine. You’ll see, however, that not all beards can be considered equal. If you want to be stylish, you can’t just grow a beard randomly. A straight haircut wouldn’t work well with a messy beard, but some people prefer it.

We can help. There are many beard styles. We’ll take a look at them all to find the one that best suits you and help you choose.

Short Beards

Short beards are a popular choice. Because they are so easy to grow and maintain, this is why they are so popular. A short beard takes only a few minutes to cut and, at its most basic, can take just a few days for it to grow. You should know the basics of grooming a beard so you can maintain a short beard with minimal fuss.

There are still many options for short beards. Let’s take a look at some of the short beards you have and how to get them.

  • Short stubble. This is the best beard for those who want something easy and low-maintenance. This is the natural beard you grow after a few days without shaving. This type of beard is compatible with all types of faces. Stunts are a sign of masculinity. You only need to keep a little stubble around your neck and above your cheeks. You will need to trim the area around your chin. This makes you appear ready to take on any kind of action.
  • Medium Stubble. Medium stubble is for those who want to keep their stubble short. The main difference lies in the length. Medium stubble measures between 3mm and 5mm in height. Shave around the neck and cheeks, as well as a trimmer to keep it at a reasonable length. This will give you a more masculine appearance and show that you are a man.
  • Long Stubble. This is the look of almost-beard. Now you have stubble on your face. You can just let it grow for a while. This stubble differs from medium stubble in that it is longer. The average length of long stubble is 6mm. This stubble will require more care than the other two. Leave it to grow for at least a week, then use a trimmer or razor to trim the beard to the desired length. The chin should be trimmed more, leaving a shadow. You should shave any stray hairs on the cheek and around the neck.
  • Goatee or the Extended Goatee. This is a simple board that’s easy to grow. Many people mistakenly confuse the goatee with the extended goatee. The beard is often called a “goatee” by most people. However, the goatee refers to the part of your chin that looks like a goat’s chin scruff. People are opting for the longer goatee look more often. This look is ideal for people with oval or square faces as it enhances the lower area of the face. This look is easy to achieve. You just need to trim your mustache and shave your sides. To maintain your beard, you will need to shape it.
  • Mutton Chops. This is a must-read for Wolverine fans. Hugh Jackman’s role as the mutant was a star turn that brought this bear back into circulation after it went out of fashion in the early 20th century. The beard is ideal for square or circular faces. It softens the edges of your face and emphasizes the squareness in your jaw. It is very easy to achieve. You just need to allow your mustache and sideburns to grow together. Then, shave the lower part of your chin. You can maintain it by trimming your sideburns and keeping your chin clean.
  • The Balbo. This is a very modern style of beard. Italo Balbo, a 40-year-old Italian beard designer, created it. It has a unique look that makes it memorable. It is both clean-shaven and well-bearded. It has three parts. The mustache, the under-lips soul patch, and the chin bearded are the three main parts. The Balbo’s three main components must not be in contact. It is difficult to maintain because of this. It is important to trim your mustache and shave your sideburns. This beard is ideal for those with narrow chins or who wish to emulate Robert Downey Jr.

Longer Beards

If you feel that shorter hairstyles lack the masculine “oomph”, then longer beards might be the best option. For those who desire a stronger choice and a much more impressive appearance, this is the best option. These are all full-bodied, impressive beards. All of these beards require a lot of care. These may not be the right choice for you if you are looking for something simple to manage in the morning.

  • The current king of long mustaches. Eric Bandholz, the Beardbrand website’s founder, has made this a popular choice. This is what many beard lovers strive for. Beardbrand is a popular brand in the community. Another reason is that Bandholz is a stunning-looking beard. It takes patience and a lot of effort to get a Bandholz. It will take approximately seven months to complete the preparatory steps. This is the time to grow your beard to the right length. You won’t use it most of the year so throw away your trimmer and razor. You can shape the hair in any way you like when it is time.
  • For those who don’t have time to do the Bandholz, the Garibaldi will be the best option. It takes a little longer to prepare than the Bandholz but it is much shorter. Your beard should grow to about 15-20 cm. This should take approximately four months. You want the lower beard to look as full as possible. This is what you will be trimming.
  • The Dutch beard is another great choice. This style is different from the Garibaldi in that you will need to shave your mustache frequently. This is a great option for people with oval or diamond-shaped faces. It covers up any roundness and lends your face a masculine power. This can be grown in the same way as a Garibaldi but with the added mustache shaving.
  • The Boss. This beard is a great choice for any man. It is important to allow the beard to grow while keeping the sideburns neat. It is easy to maintain and less demanding than other styles of long beards.
  • The Warrior. This is the beard you would have if you were a Viking warlord. This is possible by letting your facial hair grow. Just let your sideburns grow out. This works well for straight hair but maybe a challenge for curly hair. Let your hair grow naturally and you can then start to put your beard in two different styles. Although this will require a lot of work and time, the results can be amazing when you look in the mirror.
  • Faded Beard. Faded beards are great for oval and square faces. Its name comes from the fact that your sideburns will fade into the beard as the hair falls down. Although it is shorter than other long beards it has great potential. Keep your beard neat and square. This will ensure that it looks great.

Choosing the Right Beard

Although the beard selection is varied, there are only a few options that will look good with your face. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect beard. Here are some of them.

  • Your Face Shape. This is the main factor that will influence your selection of beards. Some beards don’t suit certain faces. These are the most common face types. Square faces should have thicker hair at the chin and shorter on the sides. This makes the face appear more solid. Round faces should have more hair at the bottom to square it. Oblong or rectangular faces face the same challenge: you need longer hair on your sides and a shorter chin. An oval face is ideal for facial shapes, which means you can use any beard.
  • Haircut. Next, consider your hairstyle. Some styles will clash with others. A cut-up will not work well with a Badholz, as a thicker head of hair would be more appropriate. However, some haircuts work. A haircut with a line is a good choice for those with faded sideburns. This gives the face a smooth appearance.
  • Beards can be a lot of work. You need to take care of them if they want to look great. You can shave your beard if you don’t have the time. This is much better than not having your beard look its best.
  • Although facial hair naturally curls, people with straight hair will be able to grow long beards. For those with curly hair, it may be more difficult to shape and maintain a longer beard.

Beard Maintenance

You now have to keep your beard healthy. There are two parts to this. The first is trimming. A beard can’t be left untrimmed. It’s important to trim it occasionally. It is important to know how to trim your hair. To trim your beard to the correct size, you will need a good beard cutter.

Next, keep your beard clean. You will need to clean your beard of any lice or dirt, just like your hair. Regular cleaning is important because hair can pick up a lot of particles from the outside. Shampoos and conditioners are essential to keep your beard looking great. Mild shampoos are best to avoid irritation of the skin. You should thoroughly dry your bread after applying these products. Apply beard oils or balms at this time to keep your beard shiny.

Look Manly with the Right Beard

Your masculinity is displayed well with a beard. It will take some effort to maintain a beard and grow it properly. It is worth it if you can do it.

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