July 15, 2024

How To Turn a Spare Closet Into a Home Office


?Are you tired of working at the kitchen island? Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate while others roam about? Maybe the noise is just too much for you to take. Outside interruptions make it hard to focus and work efficiently. There could be a viable solution to these problems. Try transforming a closet into a hideaway office.

While the space may not seem like much now, it could become functional, quiet and productive with a few essential steps. Consider making the following changes to knock out that to-do list in peace.

1. Gut the Room

Clutter doesn’t help productivity, so start by clearing out the closet. Remove everything, and begin to assess what you want to keep. Reflect on its meaning, use and space, and create two piles: one for things that stay and another for items to donate.

With that step done, you still must consider where to house what you selected to save. Think about under the bed storage containers or overhead racks for the garage. They may give you that extra room.

2. Write Out a List

Now you have a spot, reflect on your interests and desires. Do you prefer a desk or table? Do you store materials like files? What supplies do you use often? Note any specific goals or objectives.

3. Plan the Layout

Use this information to then design the layout of the space. Pick a spot for a place to sit and produce. Jot down the dimensions. A carpenter could create a personal writing area that works with the room, or you could start shopping for something that fits.

In addition, draw out shelves or racks where you could easily place materials. You might also want to consider maneuverability. A chair with 5 inch caster wheels should go somewhere. After all, you don’t want to sit on the ground.

4. Work with an Electrician

Some closets have an outlet; others do not. You need light in your hideaway, so ask a licensed electrician to come out and place an outlet that can service your devices and lighting source.

5. Paint and Decorate

Have some fun giving the closet a bit of life. Select a fun shade for the walls, and add some pictures or posters. Strive for comfort and relaxation.

Can a closet become an office? Why no? It’s a little spot that allows you to do what you need to tackle. Clear it out, design the layout and work to make it a functional space!

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