May 29, 2024

NBA 2K21 – Season 5 Content

The Age of Heroes is upon NBA 2K21 MyTeam. This is Season 5. The start of a new MyTeam season is an exciting time for players. It’s a fresh start that comes with the chance to work towards the seasonal objectives and finish the season strong with all the prizes in your bag. Maybe you weren’t that involved during the last seasons. It doesn’t matter because all the players have the opportunity to take part in Season 5 content and get amazing prizes.

Season 5 doesn’t waste any time. Right from the beginning, players can acquire a great card. We are talking about the Sapphire Evo LeBron James card. It can be obtained as soon as the Age of Heroes starts. This card can be upgraded. Throughout Season 5, you will need to complete agendas. Should you nail down all objectives, you will upgrade the card to Diamond quality. Season 5 introduces two new card collections. Both of them are hero-themed. Each collection features 15 player item cards. The Golden Age of the NBA collection comes with names that need no introduction. Don’t miss the chance to add Shaquille O’Neal, Manu Ginobili, and more awesome players to your historic collections. The other collection is all about current NBA players.

It is called the Modern Age of the NBA. It has players such as Mitchel Robinson and Luka Doncic. If you are wondering if there’s a completion reward, the answer is yes. Season 5 comes with a Michael Jordan Signature Challenge. This player won the NBA six times and it is one of the most well-known basketball players in the world. Even those who don’t watch the NBA have heard of him. Age of Heroes invites players to recreate The Last Shot. This is one of the most memorable moments in the player’s career. You need a Michael Jordan card for this challenge. You can use any MJ card in your collection or the new free Michael Jordan card that is obtained from a locker code. Work towards your season agendas and acquire amazing rewards on your way to max level. A special prize is set aside for those who get to level 40. The reward is a Galaxy Opal Admiral David Robinson card. Play the Exchange to acquire Larry Legend, Khris Middleton, and more. Galaxy Opal Peja Stojakovic is yours if you get 1000 Triple Threat Offline wins. If you need NBA 2K21 MT coins, remember that is here for you!

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